An epitome of engaged resources is well laid in our history wherein Alexander was able to conquer unknown lands with due credits to his highly motivated troops. While engaged employees believe that their contribution can make a difference to the

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Is Social Media the updated Customer Service?

The other day I called up my mobile service provider’s customer service desk and after pressing a few numbers for selections from a variety of menus, I finally reached the place where I heard “Press * to speak to our

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When an organization wins, everyone wins! Even the failures!

Nope, we aren’t ending the blog here, but this is where it all starts! Do you have people in your teams that care not even a bit about their work, their teams or whatever’s going on in the team, workwise

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Doing Good, Does Good!

Do you believe in the title? I strongly do. Doing good surely has done good to me and to that part of the world who does good. Doing well is either black or white, it doesn’t have a grey zone.

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The Much Hyped “PokémonGO”

Is it safe to say, gone are the days ‘when people would be so engrossed in their phone/tab screens that they miss their respective stations, while commuting by trains?’ or ‘when all the generation X could think of is, to

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The Digital Future – Threat or Boon?

In this blog, we share with you some alarming facts coming our way. (Source Gartner) In its statement, Gartner said it’s Top Predictions for 2016 look at the digital future, at an algorithmic and smart machine-driven world where people and

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Transparent Communication

If you survey a workplace, you’ll find that besides the need for job security and career advancement opportunities – employees these days want to be a part of a workplace culture that puts a premium on delivering the truth.  They

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People Buy Emotions, Not Things

Emotional intelligence, EQ, is defined as the ability to understand and manage emotions as they happen to both yourself and those around you. This awareness leads to a variety of other skills that allow the individual to handle social networks,

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‘Do Not Panic’

“Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace.” Joan Borysenko More often than not, stress and panic attacks are a common scenario at workplace and there are no universal sorts, types or patterns for the same.

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Importance of Training and Development in IT

–Kanika Verma–   Are you an amateur IT startup or mid-way of becoming a big corporate house? Or you could already be one among the big players in the IT industry. Whoever you may be, big or small, becoming a

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